2Hr Aquarist Product Lineup

Some of you may have been wondering what’s this new APT stuff  I’ve been seeing on all the shelves of the best aquarium stores in South Africa lately? 
Let me give you a break down… 
The 2hr Aquarist has finally made it into the South African aquarium market, it’s been here for just over a year now and it’s been one of the best I’ve personally worked with. 
The 2Hr Aquarist is perhaps best known for its Nitrate Limitation Capstone methodology which unlocks richer coloration and stronger growth in aquatic plants. It is an active thought-leader in planted aquarium science. It serves aspiring hobbyists through a suite of high performance products backed by an integrated success system known as: The 2Hr Way. 
It started with a small group of passionate tinkerers and experimenters linked by the internet across 3 continents who were not happy with the available options on the market.
“APT” shorthand for ‘Advanced Planted Tank’ started as a website to share findings and connect with like-minded aquarists. It made small batches of custom-blend fertilizers for its own use. Requests from friends for these custom-blends quickly grew larger than it imagined, and The 2Hr Aquarist as a company was born in 2019.
It is headquartered in Singapore, one of the world’s largest trading hubs of aquatic plants from Indo-China / Southeast Asia. It leverages Singapore’s unparalleled infrastructure for research and quality manufacturing. 
2Hr has currently found a home in South Africa thanks to EpicAquatics and their Retailers. With currently 4 products on the market and more on their way let me introduce you to the lineup. 

APT 1 “Zero”

Designed for tanks with more fish, fewer plants.
Comprehensive nutrition without nitrates and phosphates for maximum algae control.

APT 3 “Complete”

Designed for tanks with more plants, fewer fish. 
100% Comprehensive and expertly calibrated macro, micro and trace minerals.

APT Pure

Algae is easily triggered by spikes in Ammonia and damage to the tank’s bacteria colony by Chlorine / Chloramines in tap water.
APT Pure’s intelligent formula removes chlorine & chloramines and detoxifies heavy metals, ammonia, nitrites and nitrates.


Power meets intelligence. APT Fix cleverly targets the fundamental weakness of algae – their comparatively less developed protective cell walls. The best algae treatment ever.

Available soon

Estimative index: 

Designed for heavily planted Dutch-Style tanks.
Supremely concentrated and 100% comprehensive macro, micro and trace minerals.

Jazz Root capsules: 

Designed to complement water column dosing.
The secret to unlocking thick, juicy forms and the deepest possible reds.

Sky: remineralizer 

 Enable shrimps and hardwater plants to thrive together with softwater plants*.
Replenish all vital minerals in RO/ RODI water with no negative altering of NPK, KH or pH. 


Substrate Enrichment + Starter Bacteria. 
All-in-one booster for new tanks. 
Enhances substrate richness and accelerates readiness for planting and livestock introduction.

Sneak Peak 

Fix lite:

The gentler way to treat algae. Specially designed for Mosses, Liverworts (Riccardia, Riccia etc.) Vallisneria (Tape Grass) and more delicate plants.


We’ll make this one a special announcement when this arrives. 


Easyscape will always be one of the first retailers to have the new line of products so keep your eyes out! 

Happy Aquascaping everyone ! 


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