ADA ECA Plus Dosing & Benefits


ADA ECA Plus Dosing & Benefits


ADA ECA Plus is a liquid plant supplement created by Aqua Design Amano (ADA), a renowned company in the aquascaping industry. It is specially formulated to provide aquatic plants with essential nutrients needed for optimal growth and health. In this blog, we'll be discussing how to use ADA ECA Plus and its benefits.


How to Use ADA ECA Plus:

Using ADA ECA Plus is simple and straightforward. Just

follow these steps:

1. Shake the bottle well before use.

2. Add 1ml of ADA ECA Plus for every 20L of aquarium water. For example, if you have a 60L tank, add 3ml of ADA ECA Plus.

3. Add ADA ECA Plus directly to the aquarium, preferably near the filter intake for better distribution.

4. Use ADA ECA Plus once or twice a week for best results.


Benefits of ADA ECA Plus:

1. Provides Essential Nutrients: ADA ECA Plus contains essential nutrients like iron, potassium, and manganese that are necessary for plant growth and development. These nutrients are often lacking in aquarium water, and adding ADA ECA Plus helps to ensure that your plants receive the required nutrients.

2. Promotes Strong Root Growth: The nutrients in ADA ECA Plus help to promote strong root growth in aquatic plants. This leads to better nutrient uptake and overall plant health.

3. Enhances Coloration: ADA ECA Plus helps to enhance the coloration of aquatic plants. This is particularly important for plants like red or purple-colored ones that require high nutrient levels to maintain their vibrant colors.

4. Improves Plant Growth: With regular use of ADA ECA Plus, you’ll notice improved plant growth and development. Your plants will grow faster, healthier, and fuller, making your aquarium look more beautiful and natural.

How Long Does a Bottle of ADA ECA Plus Last?

The amount of time a bottle of ADA ECA Plus lasts depends on the size of your aquarium and the frequency of use. For a 60L tank, using ADA ECA Plus once a week, a 50ml bottle should last for approximately 16-18 months.

In conclusion

 ADA ECA Plus is an excellent liquid plant supplement that provides essential nutrients for aquatic plants, promotes strong root growth, enhances coloration, and improves overall plant growth. It’s easy to use, and with regular use, you’ll notice a significant improvement in your aquarium’s plant life. Remember to shake the bottle well before use and add the recommended dosage for your tank size.

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