DOOA Comes to South Africa


DOOA Comes to South Africa
DOOA Design Concept

In the 25 years since ADA was established and Nature Aquarium was founded by Takashi Amano, the Nature Aquarium style has become so popular that if people mention “planted aquarium”, it refers to Nature Aquarium. In the recent years, planted aquarium was featured by various media and became known to the public as a hobby. Traditionally, ADA has been offering two different product lines: “ADA NATURE AQUARIUM” for high-end users and “Do! Aqua” which is the less-expensive version for planted aquarium beginners. Over the years, however, this price-based product categorization developed a sense of stagnation and offered only a stereotyped  way of enjoying planted aquarium. To break away from the stagnant atmosphere in aquatic plants/aquarium industries, ADA has, in conjunction with its 25th anniversary, decided to discontinue “Do! Aqua” and instead, launch a new brand called “DOOA” to offer a new style of enjoying aquatic plants. The name “DOOA” was created based on the history of ADA brand. 

Since “DOOA” is the revamped brand of “Do! Aqua”, the initials of “Do! Aqua” (“Do” and “A”) were extracted and another letter “O” was added to them to express fun. DOOA’s geometrical-shaped logo is a reflection of impact, new value and a sense of fun to get away from stereotypes. This logo design is most suitable for ADA’s new innovative product range that was developed through out-of-the-box thinking. Also, this logo is an ultimate minimalism design that follows Takashi Amano’s enthusiasm in minimalism. In terms of brand positioning, “DOOA” is positioned side by side with “ADA NATURE AQUARIUM”. With these two brands, ADA will offer a wider spectrum of aquatic plant hobby and provide products that cater for the needs of a wide range of users. In contrast to Takashi Amano’s original range “ADA NATURE AQUARIUM” that has a universal value, the new brand “DOOA” will keep on evolving by incorporating the trend, fashion and sense of the times.


DOOA gives a new sense of style with plants.

What does our new brand, DOOA, bring to you?

One is the layout style taking good advantage of aquatic plants’ability to grow both submersed and emersed.

And the other is a lifestyle with aquatic plants.
Since water and green are indispensable for us humans, aquatic plants with both elements naturally draw our attention.

DOOA was born as ADA explored ways to enjoy aquatic plants more freely.
Incorporate aquatic plants into your daily life.

DOOA South Africa

There has been a lot of excitement in the South African aquascaping community around the launch of DOOA products in South Africa.

There are a few similar products in our local market but nothing comes close to the quality and simplicity that DOOA brings to this hobby.

The DOOA line is sleek but also fun and isn’t just “hobby stuff” anymore, it’s an interior design statement that can live in all of your living spaces.

No need to hide these beauties in your garage or spare room, let these living works of art become part of your home. They’ll become conversation pieces when you have friends and family over, and they make great gifts for those friends that have an affinity for plants and the natural world.

Find our DOOA Range here

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