Travis Carreira, founder of Easy Scape, is a nature enthusiast who loves being outdoors in nature.

However, with the restrictions of lockdown he found himself stressed out and imprisoned by not being able to be in the environments that gave him his balance; like trips to the bush, fresh water fishing and ocean scuba diving.

Thankfully a close friend introduced him to the magical world of Aquascaping, which allows people to create beautiful mini underwater worlds to create and explore. The process is very rewarding and repeats itself through the maintenance and re-scaping of tanks. Your imagination is the only limit when it comes to creating your own underwater paradise.

Ask any Aquascaper and they will tell you that they can sit and stare at their tanks for hours! It’s a meditative experience that brings the observer the same peace and calm that can be found when being out in nature.

What finally sold Travis on this adventure of committing to becoming part of the aquscaping worlds was the effect it had on his daughter. She was totally mesmerized by the detail of the plants, the rocks, the wooded features and the fish life. She was enchanted, he was enchanted, and so the journey began.

Easy Scape wants to share the joy and enchantment of this amazing experience with you.

Challenge your stress and anxiety, escape into your own magical world and find your balance with Easy Scape.